Saturday, February 5, 2011

Dinner Date

After being iced inside all week, the roads cleared up and we were able to get out and about. I went to Stephanie's baby shower Saturday morning and then Ray and Alicia came over later that night for dinner.

Bryson loved having other people to play with. He was such a little flirt with Alicia. It was adorable! He gave her a big hug and then ran to his ball pit and brought one ball to her at a time until she was covered in balls. So cute!

A little later, he brought a book to her a plopped down in her lap to look at the animals.

Then, he had a little show-off time. He sang "Head and Shoulders" for her. Well, I sang and he did the motions. :) He's soo much fun! 
(borrowed her pictures for this one.)

We had soo much fun with them and stayed up entirely way too late playing games and chating. But it was a great night!!!!

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