Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Bryson and I spent a lot of time playing out side. Bryson LOVES to be outside, but he hates the grass. Silly boy :)

Yep, he ate dirt :)

Then, we went inside. Bryson started walking around the coffee table and proceeded to climb up on his "Little Lamb" chair ONTO the coffee table!! Kid, you are crazy! I moved his chair  further away from the table and he still kept trying to pull himself up to get on the table. Seriously, can't take my eyes off him for .349587 of a  second!!

We could tell B wasn't feeling 100% the past several days, but just figured it was because he's pretty snotty and congested. Well, Michael took him to the doctor yesterday and it turns out he has a double ear infection. Poor baby. Apparently he has a super high pain tolerance to put up with that for so long without us even knowing!!

Once he finally gets better from feeling crummy, it seems like something else pops up :(
Praying he gets better and stays beter!!


  1. Hope B gets to feeling better soon! Poor guy!

  2. Jude likes to eat dirt, too. haha. And, I can't believe Bryson is such a climber! How funny! It will be so funny to watch him as he gets older and tries to climb even more. He's so adorable!!