Saturday, October 23, 2010

10 Months!

Oh man, my baby is 10 months (and 2 days) old!! I love love this stage with him. This month wins for "absolute most fun with Bryson" month!!

Bryson is the happiest, giggliest, silliest boy :)

His  loves:

playing chase
giving  high low fives
motioning "come here" with his hand for everything he wants or wants to touch
cheering on the Rangers!!

signing "more" (only a few times)
saying Dada (PLEASE say Mama sooon!)
saying Dah when he sees Orion
crawling around at warp speed
walking around and between furniture
playing outside
climbing on everything...
geting bruises because he climbs on everything
riding in his big boy car seat
figuring out how to turn his toys on-he's pretty smart!
playing basketball (putting a ball into a toy ring. So cute!)
squeeling loudly
pat-patting every thing
puffs and cheerios
waving at himself in the mirror
bath time and splashing in the water
watching Praise Baby from under the coffee table
giving kisses, even to himself in the mirror :)
opening and closing doors or cabinets. or Orion's crate door ;)

taking his first unassisted steps
sleeping on a pillow (ah, I love it!!)
his mommy!
He's the biggest mama's boy, but looooves his daddy!!
chilling in his chair

driving ;)

His dislikes:

going to sleep- he would SO much rather play!
table food
Orion eating his "Bryson Punkin"

diaper changes
super noisy places
sun in his eyes

when we take cords or paper out away
having ear infections
(thankfully, this list is short!! :))

I can't believe time is flying by so quickly.
 I can't believe my baby is 10 months old.
And I certainly can't believe we are already planning his first birthday party!!
Michael and I are loving every single second with our sweet boy. We love him more than anything in this world!

Happy 10 months, Bryson!! 


  1. He seriously is the cutest little boy and I love how much he seems to grow (and does) daily. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT:)

  2. You literally just described Presley!!! Seriously, it can't be possible?? Our little babes are in the double digits. Happy 10 months sweet Bryson.

  3. It's so sweet the way you have chronicled his sweet little life so far. It's something you will treasure and look back on for years to come. He is certainly precious. Looking forward to seeing him in person next month.

  4. Happy 10 months Bryson! It's definitely hard to believe they're almost one. Ahhh crazy!

  5. He is so cute! He is getting into a lot of the things Connor is starting to do...ha..ha..!!! I was wondering if you could put a pillow in the crib yet? I guess I was not alone in that and it looks like he likes it! I'm so glad to have found your blog thanks for commenting on mine :)

  6. Happy 10 months! I love the way you did this post. And I love the pic of him turned around in the shopping cart. You've got your hands full, mama!

  7. Time really is flying by - you hear other moms say that before you have kids, but it's really hard to understand until you're going through it with a little one!

    Happy 10 months Bryson!