Monday, October 11, 2010

Climby McClimberson

I feel like our entire house needs to be padded with bubble wrap. Bryson is all over everything. If there is any possible way to climb on/through/under/between/or over anything, Bryson will do it! Here is a little of what our life looks like these days:

These are only the pictures I was able to run and get my camera during. Sometimes I just have to get him to safe ground-HA! Like, for example, the other day, Bryson crawled into the bathroom and stood up next to the tub. He lifted his foot and started bouncing like he wanted to take a bath. I kinda giggled a bit and then picked up the towels. 2 seconds later, he had climbed over the tub and had face planted into the tub. Poor baby!

I can only imagine how crazy he is going to get when he is fully and completely mobile.


  1. Wow, looks like you've got your hands full. I love that dishwasher picture!! Jack has just started pulling himself up on his knees. I can't imagine him climbing on everything and I'm definitely not ready! It's crazy how fast they are growing!

  2. Yes, the dishwasher pic is pure greatness!! Presley has just started to try and climb on things. Everyday she does it a little more...

  3. Oh my gosh! I was laughing so hard at the dishwasher pic and the one of him upside down in the bouncer - classic. Ava is starting to climb also, particularly on the cable box/xbox/expensive items. Eek!