Monday, June 7, 2010

Oh Sweet, Sweet Summer!

Today is my first official day of Summer break and it has been wonderful!

I skipped my 4:30am wake up call and slept in until B woke up at 7:30!! I love mornings with Bryson; he is so happy and lovey.
We had a pretty busy day of running errands.

We took Orion to the vet, came home for B's nap, went to Babies R Us and Target, came home to have lunch with Michael, B took  nap and I made some baby food. We read a lot of books, sang songs, sat up and played with toys, and had so so much fun! I loooved being home with him. :) 

So, like I mentioned, I made some baby food today. We haven't given him any solids yet, but since I'm home, I figured I'd go ahead and start. We'll probably start after his 6 month appointment. I'll be honest, I got a bit emotional making the food. I can't believe he's growing up so fast and I can't believe he's getting to where he needs more than just milk. I'm really excited about making his food though :) I decided to make sweet potatoes first, and boy did I make some sweet potatoes!! I didn't realize it would make so much. Sure hope he likes sweet potatoes! Ha!

Bryson LOVES mirrors. He gets so happy when he sees a "friend" across from him. Well, I put a mirror on the floor with Bryson today and he went nuts!! He's been scooting across the floor for a while now, but with the mirror down there, he was dying to get across the room! SO cute!!

I had so much fun with my sweet boy today; I'm so excited about the rest of Summer break!!


  1. I love the mirror pictures and that last picture of Bryson. He is so adorable!!

    Yay for making baby food! It is so much cheaper to do it that way. I hope he loves sweet potatoes. :)

  2. Oh yay! I am so glad that you two are having so much fun! I absolutely love his mirror pics. I used to do that with the puppies... except now tobs would probably be scared. Ha! Anyway have such a great one and I swear he keeps looking like a little man each time I see him! Love the Sweet Potatoes. I hope mama and dada like them too since you have such a fun amount:)

  3. Does this mean more blog updates, more often too? I hope so! Bryson is getting so big and animated. Its been really fun watching him grow through the pics on here. I hope you enjoy all your time off with your cute lil baby boy!! I bet Michael is jealous.

  4. I know you are sooo enjoying every minute with that sweet baby! Happy summer!

  5. Yay.....summer!!!

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