Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Alright, I have some catching up to do. I thought I would have much more down time to blog once I was able to stay at home with B, but I was quite wrong. :) I keep telling myself, "I'll do it tomorrow during his nap." Well, nap time comes around and I have a hundred other things to do. I'll try to be better about that...   :)

We've been busy swimming,


playing dress up (my dad got this outfit for him and it finally fits, so we had to have a litle photo shoot)


and "walking."

My dad and sister left for a medical mission trip to Honduras on Saturday, so they had to get a little "Bryson time" in before they were gone all week. This is the 3rd year for my dad and 1st for my sister. It's always so amazing to hear about the things they get to do while they are there. They treat so many needy families and and do so many wonderful things in the city. I can't wait to hear how God has used them this week!!

We gave Bryson sweet potatoes for the first time on Friday. I told my self I was going to wait until he turned 6 months (because that's what our doctor recommended and I'm a rule follower) but he's been getting up in the middle of the night and wants to eat, so I decided that he probably needed something more in his belly. He LOVED it at first, and kept trying to shove the spoon in his mouth, but then I guess he decided he wasn't a huge fan.

He'd rather eat his toes...like usual :)

I noticed a small red rash on his arms and legs Saturday afternoon and got a little nervous about it. (You can kinda see a little bit of it in the picture above.) By Sunday morning, it was ALL over his little body and I freaked out. (I thought I made the potatoes wrong or he had an allergic reaction to them. I felt awful.) We called the on-call doctor and she wasn't too concerned about it. She said it definitely wasn't the food (phew!) but probably a virus. A virus?? He had absolutely no signs to speak of, and had been his happy, giggly, smiley self, so I thought that was odd. We went to see our doctor Monday morning and sure enough, it was a viral infection and the only symptom was a rash. We gave him Benedryl yesterday and it seems to have gone away!! Hooray!! What a champ! I'm glad to have that behind us :)

We also got an early anniversary present this weekend. We decided to get a DSLR camera so we could take better pictures of our little family. Oh my gosh- it's A-mazing!! I wish I had it from the second he was born! I have absolutely NO idea what I'm doing with it, but I love the pictures so far!! I've tried reading the instruction book (because that's the kind of person I am-ha!) but it's still so confusing to me.Thankfully, it came with photo classes at Wolf Camera and I will be going to those for sure!

Fair warning: this blog will most definitely be bombarded with even more pictures of our little man...and our puppy :) Here are a few I've taken so far:


  1. Oh my goodness! I swear every moment he is getting bigger and cuter... if that's possible:) Ha! I love the new pictures that camera takes:) NICE! Well enjoy your time lady and I can't wait to catch up with your cute little fam!!! Oh and the pics of Orion are just too cute as well!

  2. So, so, SO jealous of the new camera. It's on my Christmas list for sure this year!