Saturday, April 3, 2010

Rollie Pollie

Bryson has been trying sooo hard to roll over from his back to his front for a few weeks. He would get so close, but his little arm kept getting in the way and he would get stuck.

Michel and I were having floor time with him last night and he tried to roll over for at least 20 minutes! He is a determined little fella. He was going to roll matter what!


SUCCESS!!!!!!!!!!! After I put down the camera, he rolled over again and it was a lot more fluid :) YAY!

Way to go, little man!! :)

(P.S. does anyone know why the whole video box won't show up in the blog?? Just wondering...)


  1. The whole video won't show because your writing column isn't wide enough. I have no idea how to change it though. When I got a blog makeover I asked the designer to make the writing column larger. You might try a different template, because when I just had a plain template my videos would all show. Hope this helps!!