Monday, April 5, 2010


We had such a fun Easter! Bryson enjoyed every second of it!

Bryson woke up to a little gift the Easter Bunny brought him :) I can't believe next year he'll be able to run around (aahh!) and hunt Easter eggs and have even more fun than this year.

We went to church with Michael's family Sunday morning and he was perfect the entire time! Mama Mel held him and he just smiled at everyone and was so happy! The church had the entire stage completely covered in fresh, beautiful flowers! We went down to take pictures in front of the flowers and about a minute later, the band stepped up, so we only got a few. :)

We went over to their house for a delicious lunch after church. Bryson got some more goodies from the Easter Bunny! He also got the cutest monkey'll see it in future floor time pictures :)

We all had so much fun that it wore a few of us out. They had a nice little Sunday afternoon nap together. It was soo sweet! :)

We went over to my parent's house that evening and got to see more family. The Easter Bunny came yet again and brought him a fun swim shirt for the Summer. :)

Papa was singing to him (you can't really hear it in the video) and he decided it was time to roll over :) He has become a huge fan of rolling since he figured out how to do it 3 days ago! I put him down to sleep on his back and he pretty much always sleeps on his side or tummy now. :)

For the past few weeks, Michael and I have been reading Bryson the Easter story.

You know, Easter has always been a very emotional time of reflection and thankfulness; knowing that Jesus died for me. That he had to die a terrible death for us. But it is also a time of wonderful praise that He rose again! This year, however, it has been emotional from a different viewpoint. I have always known that Mary was there with Jesus on Golgotha, but I never really grasped the pain and misery she must have been going though watching her son on the cross. I was reading the Easter book to Bryson and at one point I said, "and there's Mary. That's Jesus' mom next to him. She's so sad...." and I completely lost it. I was sobbing and immediately stopped and prayed with him. I just can't even fathom losing Bryson like Mary had to.
I am just so grateful that Jesus is my Savior!! :)

Happy Easter!!!


  1. A very beautiful post!
    We watched home videos Sunday afternoon and we enjoyed seeing our girls, you and all the cousins hunt for Easter Eggs at the Lunde's in Conroe.
    Sweet pictures! Bryson is just full of smiles and personality!

  2. Bryson has gotten so big and you guys look like you had such an amazing Easter! I absolutely love the pictures with the flowers oh and his cute dimples of course:)