Friday, April 30, 2010

4 Months!

Ok, my friends. I'm making myself sit down and finish this post while it's still April. :)

Bryson is another month older! Happy 4 months sweet boy!! I can't believe it. It feels like time is flying by so quickly.

We went to the doctor this week for his 4 month check up and he is just a perfectly happy and healthy little boy!! His stats:
Weight: 14.10 lbs (75%)
Length: 26 1/4inches (90%)
Head: 16.5 inches (50%)
While we were there, his doctor mentioned, more than once, that he was developmentally advanced. I mean, we've always known that :), but it's so exciting to hear that from his doctor. And, I'm pretty sure I heard him say that Bryson is the best baby he's seen in all his years of seeing babies. Ok, fine, maybe he didn't exactly say it, but I know he sure was thinking it! ;)
Also, while we were at the office, Bryson rolled over to the left from laying on his back! He's been rolling over from his back for almost a month, but only to the right. Now he rolls both ways :)

He is such a strong little boy. He's trying to sit up on his own. Especially in his car seat. When he gets into the sitting position, he makes himself stand up. He loves to stand! He even took a few steps! Well, kind of. :)

Everything in sight goes in his mouth: toys, fingers, other people's fingers, toes, bibs, everything.
Shortly after he turned 3 months, we busted out the Jumperoo. He wasn't quite long enough to reach the floor so we had to improvise and stick a pillow on the floor so he could bounce off. He loves it! He gets so excited when he's in the jumper. The music starts playing and the lights come on and he bounces like a mad man.

Ever since he started rolling over about a month ago, he's been an awesome sleeper! He used to wake up at least once, sometimes twice in the middle of the night, but now, he's aweome. It's so nice to sleep straight through the night :)
He used to sleep on his back with his hands up touching the back of his head, in what we called "the sexy man pose." Now, he sleeps in his "froggy" pose with his hands under his tummy and his bottom high in the air. :) (Isn't that an awesome bald spot!?) 

I am definitely counting down until school is over. (19 1/2 days left!!) I can't wait to be home with Bryson all day. It's SO hard being away from him. BUT my mom still sends me several pictures everyday so I can see my little bug all day :) She is so wonderful with him and he loves her like crazy! He just lights up when he hears Mimi's voice. While I'm counting down until Summer, she's hoping it doesn't come quite as quickly. She has Bryson withdrawls over the weekends...Summer will be torture! :) She has also completely spoiled me. I haven't cooked in over 2 weeks, but we've still had homecooked meals everynight. She just happens to make too much food for dinner or just happens to have leftovers that she "has to get out of the fridge." No complaints here, though! That's just extra time that we get to spend playing with Bryson before bed time without having to worry about cooking dinner. Yep, I'm totally spoiled :)

A few 4 month notes:
He's wearing 3-6 month clothes, and 6-9 month onsies
Size 1-2 diapers, but they're getting a little snug
sleeps from 8-8, but I feed him at 6 when I get to my parent's house so he'll go back to sleep after the car ride.
Eats about 4.5 oz 3 times a day and then nurses 3 times a day. I'm definitely looking forward to Summer- especially because I won't have to pump as much! Hooray!
He is super happy in the morning and looves to play and talk. He's really finding his voice:)

He is such a fun and easy baby. We are so so blessed to be Bryson's parents and we love him like crazy!
Happy 4 months, Sweet Boy!!


  1. he's so precious, Kristin! i know you are such a wonderful mommy!

  2. What a great post and all those sweet pictures! He is just adorable. I know you are having so much fun with him. I hope the next few weeks go by quickly for you (slowly for Mimi) and that you have an amazing summer.