Monday, April 26, 2010

Ah Geez....

I'm so behind on blogging...on everything.

I promise to have Bryson's 4 month update posted soon! I started writing it last week because I knew this would happen. At this rate I might as well start writing his 5 month post in hopes that it will be up on time. Ha!

Maybe I can persuade you to not hold a grudge against me for the lack of updates if I leave you with some pictures of sweet little Bryson while I go prepare myself (by going to sleep super early) for TAKS this week. Blah...


  1. Well I guess we'll forgive you... but only b/c Bryson is that darn cute... LOVE LOVE LOVE the Mohawk:) Good luck with all your testing! Yay for Summer:)

  2. So, so sweet!
    Thanks for posting pictures of your little man.

  3. Check out that adorable profile picture!! What a cute little family!!!

    I can't wait to hear what pictures you printed!!

  4. That mohawk picture is precious. And I love your new background! And I promise to find new ways to incorporate "big boobs" into all my future posts. We'll see you Saturday in Granbury!