Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloweeny Wedding Events

One of my best friends, Alicia, is getting married next Saturday (whoa, that's so weird to say....NEXT Saturday!!) On Halloween, we threw her a Lingerie Shower and a Bachelorette Party, and it was great fun!!

The Lingerie Shower was at a cute little Tea Room in Dallas.

The Bride and the Hosts-Kaylan, me and Stephanie

After the shower, we went back to Kaylan's apartment to hang out. We ate waaay too much candy and watched Juno since that's who I was dressing up as later that night and I hadn't seen the movie yet :) 
We all drank a big full glass of Sunny D so I didn't have to carry around a full jug all night. My arm thanks you!

Then we got in our Halloween garb and went to Magic Time Machine for dinner.
Several of the wait staff had to stop by our table just to see Juno! Haha (Thanks for the costume idea, Amanda!)

Juno, Elementary School Indian, Bridezilla, Vampiress

It was such a fun night hanging out with these girls and celebrating Alicia getting married!!!
Only 2 more weeks and then I'll be posting about the wedding!!! YAY!!! :)

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