Sunday, August 9, 2009

A Closet Full of Clothes....


I feel like I've said this every morning for the past few weeks. Since my belly is getting bigger, I am slowly growing out of most of my clothes.

A closet full of all these wonderful clothes....

...And these are the only ones that fit :(

I can actually still wear most of my normal pants with a Bella Band, but maternity pants are just so much more comfortable!!

AND one of my sweet friends just gave me some of her maternity clothes that she can't wear anymore so I am SO excited about that! Thank you Melissa!!

We'll see how long I can go without buying any more clothes for a while:) HA!


  1. I've had some friends that have been to some Maternity Consignment stores to get some maternity clothes. I'll have to find out where they are so you can check them out.

    And I want to go to the "Canton thing" in Mckinney sometime. Will you let me know next time it happens?

  2. That would be awesome! I've been to a couple, but they're really kid's consignment with a tiny section for maternity, so they don't have a huge selection.

    Also, that's actually this weekend. It's the weekend of the 3rd Monday every month. I'm actually going ith my sister and my mom if you want to go! :)