Monday, March 2, 2009


A little window into the past year:
Michael and I decided our New Year's Resolution for 2008 was going to train for a Half Marathon for me and a Full Marathon for him. Two of our best friends joined us in this year long adventure!! :-) We found a great training program and ran at least 4 days a week for nearly the whole year in preparation for the White Rock Marathon in December. I was really somewhat obsessed with running. If I had an extra 30 minutes before dinner, I would rather go run than to sit and watch T.V. (Like I said, I tend to go into things 100% full force...) Well, the week before the long anticipated race, I got really sick and realized my year's worth of dedication wasn't going to happen. I went to White Rock to support my husband, Ray and Alicia as they ran and FINISHED the race!! I was SO proud of them! I was heartbroken that I couldn't run with Alicia after all of our blood, sweat and tears we shared while training. BUT...

I still had a Half Marathon to run! So all four of us signed up for the Cowtown Half Marathon in Ft Worth on Saturday.

Let me just start out by reminding you of the weather this past week. On Wednesday and Thursday, it was a beautiful, warm sunny day, and 80 degrees outside.
I watched the weather all week to try to prepare myself for the cold front that was coming through on Saturday. Nothing short of wearing my ski gear could have prepared me for how FREEZING it was on race day!

We left our house at 5:00A.M. to pick up our race bib and packet. We had lots of time to kill until the 7:30 race start, so Alicia and I pretty much huddled together drinking coffee in a tent by the starting line until 7:27 and then headed out.

We started running with the sea of people into the freezing wind. I honestly could not feel any of my fingers or toes thoughout almost the whole race. Typically, you start to warm yourself up after a couple miles or so; I kept waiting for it, but it never happened for me. It was miserable and very painful. Regardless of the pain, we started off pretty strong! We were even infront of Michael and Ray for the first 2 miles...but that didn't last long. :) Alicia was a great motivator and we pushed though and finished the 13.1 miles!! YAY us!

Michael and I after the run

The Fab Four

I don't know if I mentioned it or not, but it was SO cold Saturday morning!! :)Michael acually looked up the weather for the morning and at 7:30, it was 32 degrees, with a wind chill of 19 and winds at 22 mph. BRRRRR!!!

What great memories with great friends!! :-)

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