Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Girls' Birthday

What a wild and crazy week and a half! Which means this will be a wild and crazy post {read: long...i don't want to forget anything!}

Everything started Wednesday morning, Feb 20th (37 1/2 weeks). I had a routine NST scheduled with Dr. Peters, our Perinatologist that morning. Everything looked great with their heart beats, so we went to the next room for the quick sonogram to check position, fluid, blood flow, etc. The tech commented on how amazed she was with all the fluid in there for the girls and how wonderful everything looked. My doctor came in and said the exact same thing. He was so pleased with how wonderful everything looked. Then he asked when my c-section was scheduled. When he found out it wasn't for another 8 days, he started getting a little huffy and claimed that isn't what he recommends, even with them being so healthy. The type of twins I was carrying was the 2nd highest risk type and he didn't plan on taking any risks. He started throwing out things that "could" happen to the girls if we waited that long and it scared me to death. I couldn't think of anything but those horrible words he uttered for the next several hours....

Fortunately, I had an Ob appointment already scheduled for that afternoon. My mom insisted on taking me since Michael was at work and she knew I was a little on edge. We expressed our concerns to the doctor and she completely agreed that we shouldn't wait any longer. That, with my slightly elevated blood pressure that afternoon (139/91) warranted her suggestion of sending me to the hospital to be monitored...and most likely would suggest delivering the girls that night or the next morning!!!  

Whoa nelly!! today!!? Thank goodness my mom was there...this is when it started getting real...

We called and sent texts out to all of our family letting them know what was going on, but to not rush up here or get too excited because it could still be the next day...

We went straight to the hospital around 3:30 and everything happened SO SO fast. I hadn't even finished answering the nurse's questions before the on-call doctor told me she wanted to deliver the girls tonight! And probably in about an hour. Holy smokes! 

A second round of calls and texts went out that said come's happening soon!!!
Michael got to the hospital around this time and we got a chance to freak out together :)

There were doctors and nurses in and out of the room strapping bracelets on my arm, taking vials upon vials of blood, letting me know the process of the c-section, etc...My brain was spinning

In the middle of the whirlwind, I realized  my camera was sitting in my car. In the garage. All the pictures of the girls I had planned in my head weren't going to happen :(   So iPhone pictures it is...

Fortunately, there was another lady waiting for the OR before me, so that gave all of our family an extra hour to get to the hospital.

My time finally came. I couldn't stop shaking. Uncontrollable shaking.  
I was SO nervous!
(how attractive are we!?) 
They took me back to prep me while Michael stayed in the room with the family. They laid me down after the spinal block. If you remember, I can't lay on my back for more than a few minutes without passing out. And I did. Maybe twice; can't really remember. The room was spinning. I was sweating. I could over hear them preforming the tool count while I was looking  over my shoulder waiting for Michael to appear.

He came and everything was better. Then we waited....for what seemed like an hour. Michael stood up and watched most of the c-section and I got the play by play from behind the curtain. All of a sudden everyone at the same time commented on all the fluid in their sacs and just couldn't believe how much there was. :)

Finally, they pulled out Baby A, Emily, at 6:53 PM. I couldn't hear a single noise from her. I was frantically asking if she was ok through streams of tears. Everyone assured me she was, but I couldn't believe them until I heard her sweet whimper with my own ears. The most perfect little whimper!

A minute later, Baby B, Madelynn, was born at 6:54 PM! Again, the most perfect little whimper filled the air. 

They were the most beautiful baby girls I had ever seen :)

Michael went with the girls to the nursery while they finished up with me. 
{my doctor delivered the placenta and apparently, it was enormous! I have no clue how big it was or how big it's supposed to be, but They were all amazed. She said it almost wrapped around my whole uterus! ha! Another reason the girls were so big and healthy.  ;)  }

Emily was 6 lbs 7oz and 19 inches long
Madelynn was 5 lbs 12oz and 18.75 inches long
and both got a 9/9 APGAR score :)

The girls were passed around and everyone got a chance to love on our little angels :)

Michael and I just love holding and cuddling each little girl admiring each perfectly formed tiny body part. 

God is so good! He kept our girls safe and healthy and we are so thankful for these blessings. We're so undeserving, but so thankful to be their parents and take on the responsibility of growing the girls into strong Christian ladies that chase after the Lord.

{stay tuned for more of our little ladies}


  1. For a miraculous twin birth, that was a very short post. Glad everything went so well. Your girls are beautiful!

  2. Your sweet girls are so beautiful! Seriously, they are the most plump/healthy twin babies I've seen. Congrats to your family, and thanks for sharing your story.

  3. What a crazy and FANTastically wonderful birthday in deed! We just wish you guys so much love!

  4. What a wonderful birth story! I'm so, so glad that you are doing well and the girls were born so healthy. Go mama! They really are baby dolls - we need more pictures. :-)

  5. Hooray for a smooth birth! Glad to hear it all went well and that you + sweet ones are healthy and happy. Take care of your self in the re-cooperation phase and enjoy loving on your new gifts!

  6. I just love reading birth stories. Every time I read one I go back and re-read Pearson's and look at all of his birth stories. The birth of a baby (or in your case babies) is truly a miracle, and I'm so thankful that the Lord allowed me to experience it!! Praying for a quick recovery from your c-section. We'll see you next Saturday when we bring you guys dinner!! Can't wait to see the girls!!