Friday, March 29, 2013

Phone Dump Friday

I have taken about a thousand pictures on my phone since the girls were born. I won't post all of them...I promise ;) 

Since Em & M have been sick off and on pretty much since they were born, we haven't been able to go see Ellie because we didn't want to take any chances of getting her sick. They fiiiinally got to play sleep together this week! Ellie is only 5 weeks older then the girls. This is definitely the beginning of a long wonderful friendship!!

 We went to an Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday. It was really chilly outside! Bryson LOVED it though :)

 All 5 of us went out to eat for the first time on Friday. We let Bryson choose where we went and he chose sushi. Good choice, kiddo!!

 We finally got to celebrate my dad's birthday!

The girls and I do this. A LOT. Well, I try to as much as I can anyway. 
There is nothing better than newborn cuddles. And we get it times two!! :)

Sleepy sleepy!

I looooooove baby toes!!

And I love this little man and how much he loves "his babies" :)

 Alicia's mom made these precious hats for the girls!

Bryson needed to do a little tummy time with his sisters

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  1. I love the picture of you with both babies asleep on you! ADORABLE!

    Happy Easter!