Sunday, February 10, 2013

Miss Ellie

We had a little photo shoot with Miss Ellie at my parent's house a while back.

She was about 4 weeks old and just adorable!! 

I love my little niece to pieces and can't wait for our girls to all grow up being best friends :)

I think she looks just like her pretty momma!

Bryson wanted SO badly to be in a picture with her. Can you tell how excited he is!?
He is really ready for Emily and Madelynn to be here :)

I just love her :) 


  1. These are so cute! Who took them? I'm impressed!!

  2. So sweet! You did good with the pictures.

  3. So cute! And, so much hair. Olivia asked if she could have some. ;)

  4. Thanks! It was fun taking her pictures, she's such a cutie!!
    And yes, she has tons if hair, huh!?

  5. What a sweet and beautiful little lady and her mama! I love how Bryson is just so excited of his little lady cousin! What sweet friends they will be! Love the pictures:)