Thursday, March 28, 2013

1 Month Stats

The girls had their one month check up on Tuesday. With everything that has happened with the girls already, I was really praying for a clean bill of health!

Michael couldn't go with me because he was on his 2nd day of work at his new job and my mom had a doctor appointment so I took the girls by myself. I've taken them several places myself already, but this was the first big one :)

For the first time at any well visit, I had a huge list of (paranoid mom) questions.

Both girls were laying on their backs on the table while Dr. Burton was checking them out. They were really alert and wiggly. He was in the middle of answering one of my many questions and Emily darn near almost rolled from her back to her belly!! If only the carseat wasn't in the way, she probably would have. We were both pretty shocked and impressed :)
They both have rolled from belly to back multiple times during tummy time, but this was definitely a first for the other way. Granted, it was probably a complete fluke, but it was still fun. 

We actually had to make another stop at the doctor last Thursday because the girls had Thrush. If it's not one thing, it's another! Ha! They were put on oral medicine and cream for the awful diaper rash it caused. Thankfully, it had cleared by this check up. That makes 5 visits in 5 weeks, folks. What a track record!

They both checked out great (finally!!) and he was impressed with their muscle tone and growth. Hooray! Sure hope it continues like this!

One Month Stats:

Birth: 6 lbs 7oz,  height- 19in,  head-
Discharge (3days): 5lbs 14oz
Weight Check (5dys):  6lbs
2 weeks: 6lbs 15oz, height- 19.75in,  head- 13cm 
1 Month: 8lbs 6oz {25-50%}, 21in {50%}, head- 14.25cm {50%}

Birth: 5lbs 15,  height- 18.75in,  head-
Discharge (3days): 5lbs 4oz
Weight Check (5days): 5lbs 6oz
2 weeks: 6lbs 7oz,  height- 19.5in,  head- 13cm
1 Month: 7lbs 13oz {15%}, 20in {45%}, head- 14.25cm {50%}

So thankful for 2 healthy wonderful baby girls!!

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