Saturday, February 9, 2013

35 Weeks

35 Weeks!!

{I forgot to take a picture on doctor appointment day (aka- only day with make up) so out of compassion to all of you, I cropped myself at the neck. Next week, you might be subjected to my huge puffy face;) }

Thank you for all your sweet comments and emails. Y'all are so SO sweet and encouraging and it means so much to me. Especially when I feel like a whale that swallowed a house! Aaand that you let me be completely honest {read: a whiney complainey baby} about this pregnancy.

I just watched What To Expect this past week and thought it was great! I completely related to Wendy's pregnancy this time around. I especially loved her dead honest monologue towards the end of her pregnancy ;)  And it's really funny because when I was pregnant with Bryson, I would have completely related to Skyler's 100% perfect pregnancy. It's funny how things can be so different! ;) 

I feel like I'm really starting to hit a wall. I've had a bad cough all week. Normally, it wouldn't phase me, but my "ab" muscles have been stretched thinner than saran-wrap and it is ridiculously painful. Michael was a saint and got me some medicine yesterday and it's been a life saver. :)

I'm pretty sure I stopped having Braxton Hicks contractions and am starting the big time ones. Not nearly as frequent, but they sure as heck are a lot more painful :(

We went to the perinatal specialist  and had another growth scan. Both girls were weighing in around 5 pounds 8 ounces!! I absolutely can't believe how big they're getting!! Praise the Lord!! Folks, that means I have 11 pounds of baby girls hanging out in my belly. Goodness gracious!! We're going back again next week and I'm (always) so anxious to see how big they'll be :)

I saw a different OB this week and she said that after reviewing all the info and stats from my pregnancy and all the sonograms and seeing that the placenta is still healthy and the girls are thriving, she would be perfectly happy letting me keep these girls cooking until 39 weeks. 39!! I seriously almost cried. All along, I had been told 37...maaaybe 38 weeks at the latest. And then she throws 39 out there!

We ended up scheduling a c-section (or induction if little Em decides to pull a Gabby Douglas and flip around) for February 28th at 2:30. Aaah, that is SOO far away. If for some crazy nutso reason I make it that long, I will be 2 days shy of 39 weeks. I told Michael that we might as well just wait until the Summer at that point! ;)  But, on the positive side, there is an end in sight.

I don't seem to have any problem packing on the pounds now; I've gained a little over 40lbs. blah. And, my uterus is also measuring 43 weeks for a singleton! HA!!!

While I was there, a new nurse was checking the girls' heart beats. She said Madelynn's heartbeat was bouncing back and forth between 141 and 90. The doctor came in and checked again and she was getting a very consistent hb in the 140's. Phew! She also checked me and I haven't started dilating at all yet. She said that's pretty rare for a twin mom. I reeeally hope that doesn't mean it's looking more like the 28th. Also, since there could have been an inconsistency in Madelynn's hb (or operator error), she wanted to send me to the hospital to get monitored. After a little begging, she let me just stay there and have an NST in the office. Everything was perfectly fine :)

After seeing the doctor, scheduling the c-section, having an NST, I left THREE hours later. Longest Ob appointment ever!!

One thing is for certain. My stomach will never see the light of day again. It looks like I was thrown into a cage with a very very angry tiger. 
I'm about to start a "tummy tuck for Kristin" fund ;)

The girls are still moving quite often. But recently, they have been having the hiccups! It's really fun to feel Emily have hiccups way far down on the right side and Madelynn have hiccups way up on the left side at the same time :)

Anyway, good news!!! I am 36 weeks now and FULL TERM for twins!! Praise!!!
I really never thought I'd make it this far, but I am so SO thankful I have. I know I'm quite the whiney baby about most of this pregnancy, but I really feel so blessed to be able to carry these girls as long as I have. 
We'll see how much longer they get to keep cooking!! ;)


  1. You don't give yourself near enough credit! You have not been whiney AT ALL! Of course, you have every right to be though. I am so happy that you've made it full term!!!! Those babies are going to be precious healthy little ladies. Hopefully, you don't have to wait until the 28th to meet them.

  2. I love your humor, honesty, and sincerity. I am so proud of you lady and I could not imagine growing two babies epecially 11 poud of babies... I am so stinking excited for you you guys. You set such a wonderful example as a mama! We love you guys and can't wait to meet the sweet girls.

  3. That's amazing you are full term! God made our bodies so wonderfully. It's amazing to see what they can do with two little people inside. and I think you totally deserve to start the "tummy tuck for Kristen fund" :)

  4. You have hardly whined at all! *I*, on the other hand, whined all through my pregnancy with Ava - and that was just one, and "easy"! You are a TROOPER!

    And also? Your belly looks fabulous! I bet you'll be back to your pre-prego weight in about five minutes, skinny minny!

    I know it seems like forever, but the end is in sight - woohoo!

  5. The 28th is now only 2 weeks away!! Woohoo!! I think you look fantastic and those little girls are lucky to have you protecting them for as long as you have. I can't believe it's almost time!!

  6. You are so close! You're super mommy already for having kept them in this long. And I agree with everyone else, you haven't been whining at all! Can't wait to see those sweet girls!