Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Miss Ellie Diane McLean

I am an AUNT!!!
Miss Ellie made her debut on January 16th at 7lb 5oz and 20 inches long. 
She is absolutely adorable! I already love her so so much!!

Momma had a long long hard day of labor, but she was such a trooper!!

Their pastor came up and prayed over Ellie and their new family

We all waited patiently impatiently for Miss Ellie to decided it was time to meet everyone


Around 3:00 I went back to my parent's house (about 10 mins away) to take a quick nap, knowing it was going to be quite a while before any action. After I woke up and talked to Michael, I realized he wasn't going to be able to pick up Bryson from school {because he lives at work these days :( }, so I had to high-tail it back up to his school (25 mins away) to pick him up. I was getting minute by minute updates and Ellie's arrival was still a "safe" distance away. As soon as Bryson was buckled in the car, I got a text from Steph that said she was about to push. What!? Ahh! I couldn't possibly miss her birth, but I was still 30 ish minutes away!!!

So I might have...umm...sped a little. 

Which wouldn't be terrible if I didn't have a back seat driver that knows about "the rules of driving". :)  In our talks about Bryson obeying the rules, we always tell him the Mommy and Daddy have to follow rules, too. We have to follow God's rules, the police men's rules, driving rules, etc. He knows about the speed limit and that we always have to follow that rule and go "Lightning McQueen fast!"  So, in the midst of my *ahem* speeding, he looked up and asked why I wasn't "obeying the speed lemon driving rules". Little stinker called me out!!! :) 

We made it in plenty of time and waited in the waiting room for a little bit until we got the exciting text from the proud daddy that she was here and perfect! We couldn't wait to get back there and hold her!! Anytime the doors opened, Bryson jumped (literally) out of his chair and ran to see if it was Uncle Brandon. He couldn't wait for see baby Ellie!!

Bryson was absolutely smitten with Ellie and couldn't take his eyes of her. He wanted to see/touch/talk to her SO badly!!

We all got our turn to love on her :)
Jen watched as everyone passed around her little girl. Seriously, how can she look so wonderful right after having a baby? Sheesh!

Look at that proud Mommy and Daddy. So much love for their little girl!

We are so so excited for their new family and love them SO SO much!! 

Happy Birthday Ellie!!


  1. WOW! She looks amazing - not how I looked post birth at all!!!!! Definitely some great genes in your family :)

    Ava's a backseat driver also, though she seems to have inherited my road rage, and frequently yells for me to "beep my horn!" Ha!

  2. She is so precious! Can't wait to see pics of your little girls on here. :-)