Friday, January 4, 2013

28, 29, & 30 weeks

Sooo, I'm a tad behind ;)

 I feel like I've been pregnant for years, yet at the same time, I can't believe I'm in the home stretch! I am so thankful every time a make it to the next week without anything major happening. So so many moms of twins I have talked to have gone into preterm labor around this time and that scares me so much. I'm praying hard that I can keep these girls cooking at least another month :)

But, with that being said, I really am ready to be done with this pregnancy. It's been amazing seeing what my body is capable of and feeling our girls constantly move inside my belly, but I'm not going to lie...It's been hard. It hasn't been anything at all like the first one. From day one of finding out we were having twins, my prayer has always been for God to hold our girls tightly in his hands and grow them big, strong and healthy. I didn't care a single bit about what happened to my body, I just wanted them safe. My body is really starting to feel the weight of two babies now. My stomach muscles ache constantly, and the girls' kicks are so strong that when they kick my muscles, I want to cry. It feels like I have a terrible sunburn across my stomach with my skin stretching so much. It's hard to breathe no matter what position I'm in. Sleep is nonexistent unless I take Tylenol PM, and even then  I'm lucky if I get 4 or 5 hours of sleep. If something falls on the floor, it will most definitely stay there because, well, bending down just ain't happenin' for this lady. :)

It's been hard. But I know it is SO worth it! I can't even describe how neat it is to feel 2 little babes roll around inside of you! Or two babies that have hiccups at the same time. Or when Bryson gets a paper towel roll to megaphone his voice into my belly while he talks and sings to his sisters. Or to think about the forever bond and friendship they will have :) While it's been rough (I told you I'm not going to lie! ha!) I really feel so blessed to be carrying our amazing little twin girls.

I had my Ob appointment last week. Everything still looks good with me and the girls. 

--I had a HUGE case of pregnancy brain and accidentally wore my slippers to the appointment!! THEN, halfway in, I realized I was wearing 2 watches! Haha who does that!??--
My blood pressure was still good (118/78)
I didn't gain any weight since the last appointment 2 weeks ago (eek)
the girls' heartbeats were good and strong (144 &155- Madelynn has been SO active the last few weeks, I wasn't really surprised at her heart rate)
I passed my gestational diabetes test (i have NO idea how-I have such a sweet tooth!!) 
and all my muscle aches and braxton hicks are normal (too bad there isn't a magic pill for it)

Madelynn moves all.the.time. and makes big rolls constantly. My stomach looks like this quite often, it's so crazy looking!! (she's on the right side...doing some sort of gymnastics...)

I had my specialist appointment earlier this week. We decided to take Bryson since he isn't in school right now for Christmas break. We prepared him the day before about everything he was going to see and that I had to lay on the table so the doctor could take pictures of Emily and Madelynn with a special wand, and that we would get to see them on the TV and so on. He was THRILLED to go with us. He couldn't stop talking about it!! 

He was THE sweetest thing at the appointment. He kept telling me to lay really still and making sure I was ok. He held my hand through quite a bit of the sonogram :)  He was paying such close attention to where the wand was on my stomach that he knew which girl was up on the screen and would talk to each of them. I LOVE seeing how sweet and loving he is with his sisters already. He has the kindest heart and is going to be the BEST big brother to his sisters!!

We did find out that Emily has flipped, so she's breech now. Blah. There's still time for her to flip though. 
The girls are growing great and are now 3lb 10oz and 3lb 11oz--the first time they haven't been the exact same weight :) We got to see them in 3D again, which is always so neat!!

Michael put the 2nd crib together this week! It's so crazy to see 2 of everything in their room. 
Their room in sloooooowly but surely coming together :)
We were supposed to go to the lake for New Years with my family, but since I had been having so much pain, we decided that I would stay home and relax and Michael was going to take Bryson for the weekend. I was so bummed to miss going to the lake, but it was really nice to just lay on the sofa all day long and not have to worry about bending over to pick up toys or bend down to play or pick him up and what not. I was a total lazy bum and it was lovely. Everyone else had a blast at the lake though!!

Praying for an easy week back at school next week. I'm already nervous about it! I'm not sure what I'm going to do when I can't nap everyday during Bryson's nap. Maybe during my lunch break... ;)

Growing growing!!


  1. You are just a belly, girly! I can't even imagine carrying to little babes. I was exhausted with Harper, and I was only growing one. Seriously, if you ever find yourself exhausted with no help, message me! I'm sure Presley and Bryson would get along great. Bryson sounds like he is going to be the BEST big brother.

  2. AMAZING!!! I love reading your updates! Glad you got some time at home by yourself to relax...and I LOVE the slippers and two watches story!! :-) I will continue to be praying for you and your girls!

  3. You look so great - I'm amazed at your ability to still get around. I totally agree with Ashlie - Hadley wore me out and she was just 1 baby! Go mama!!