Monday, January 14, 2013

daddy's litle man

Bryson loves LOVES his Daddy!
 He loves spending time with him, playing basketball (actually every sport imaginable!), wearing clothes that look like Daddy's clothes, etc. I love their special bond :)

Daddy and Bryson spent a lot of time putting together some new Legos. Bryson is crazy into following the directions for things, so he loved following all the step by step picture directions to make his fireman :)

Earlier this month, we took B to the Home Depot workshop. He's been going for months and months and every single time, he wants to know if he gets to build a birdhouse. I don't know why, but he has always wanted to build one :) Well January was his lucky month ;) He and Daddy worked together to make his special bird house!!

He took great pride in painting his birdhouse and not missing a single spot!

He's started really loving sitting in his little recliner right next to Daddy's recliner (and don't you love his little doll!? he said he's going to let his sisters sit with him like that, too;) )

I love watching Michael and Bryson together. 
Michael is such an amazing daddy to Bryson and I know he's going to just as amazing with Madelynn and Emily! 
I'm so thankful for my boys. Love them so much!!


  1. OH MY GOODNESS, HE HAS A RECLINER. i die - seriously. hahaha!

  2. Such sweet pictures. I love the special relationship that my boys have too. It's just so sweet to see how much Pearson looks up to his Daddy even at 18 months!!

  3. I love their relationship. You can absolutely tell how much he wants to be "just like daddy!" I also love the cute activities that you guys take Mr. B. too. He must have a blast!