Saturday, January 14, 2012

Happy Saturday

We've had an eventful Saturday!

Michael signed us up for a 5K this morning, and we were really excited about that. I know I've mentioned before that Bryson likes to "wun yike Daddy", but I have to tell you again. Bryson LOVES to "wun yike Daddy!!" Bryson requests to wear his "wunning soos" all the time, then he continues to run laps around the house while yelling, "wuuun faaast! Weally faaast yike Daddy. Bryby wun faaast!!" Every.Single.Time.  Ha!

So, we figured this wouldn't be a problem and Bryson would start out running and then we'd put him in the jogging stroller for the remainder of the run. Wrong.

All he wanted to do was run by himself. Or run the wrong way. Or make me hold him while he kept telling me to "wun more fast mommy". Or pick up and throw acorns. Or make Michael hold him while he ran. Or cry and get mad that we tried to put him in the stroller. It was a major fail. Around mile 2.5, Bryson and I gave up and played in a neighborhood while Michael zoomed to the finish line to get the car.

While Bryson napped, I met Alicia up at the gym for a workout. I went a few times last week, but it was SO fun to workout with her again! It's always better with a friend ;) I am SO out of shape and will definitely be sore tomorrow! Bryson was so worn out that he napped for over 3 hours, so I even got to take a little nap after the gym. What a treat :)

After Bryson woke up, Michael and I took him to the park. We brought his bike and he loved it. It wasn't long before he was going off roading on the hills of the playground :) 

At one point, he fell down, but all he kept saying was "I okay I okay more bike!" What a tough guy :)

Michael took a little break to practice his pole dancing...haha! Ok, maybe he was just seeing if he could hang on it. ;)

And, amazingly enough, the hour long gym visit today did immediate wonders...{accoring to my shadow} ;)

I love fun family days like today!!!


  1. "wun more fast mommy!" That is such awesome advice. ha ha ha!! I'm seriously laughing so hard right now. Props to you for trying to do a 5K with a 2 year old.

    Love his little bike - so cute!

  2. I think it's great he wants to run like daddy! I run with Jack in the stroller and I really hope it encourages him to be a runner too. We're setting a great example, that's for sure! :)

    That picture of Michael hanging from the pole is insane!! And I love the shadow pic. Sounds like a great family day!