Wednesday, August 11, 2010

We're Not Terrible Parents. I promise.

Ok, maybe I should have kept the last part of Monday to ourselves.
I promise going to the casino is not a normal thing for us (first time ever, actually) and Bryson just happened to be there.
We thought it was funny, and actually went in laughing about it. We're really not terrible parents, I promise!
If it makes you feel any better at all, we were there for less than an hour, he was held the entire time and didn't touch anything, no one touched him. If it doesn't make you feel better, then, sorry Charlie. :)

Ok, now for some long overdue pictures!

He's found Orion's food and water bowl and likes to go play in it. He hasn't put any in his mouth. We're not terrible parents, I promise!


  1. It never once entered my mind that you are a terrible parent. No judgment from this camp!
    We love you!

  2. You are not terrible parents and we can totally attest to it! I love his wide eyed expressions. He's getting to be such a big little boy. I love it! I'm also glad that he had so much fun with you guys during your random road trip. Those make for the best experiences:) Love you guys!

  3. 1st, precious pictures. Bryson is adorable! Second, did someone say something? You are NOT terrible parents at all!!! In fact, when Brandon and I left the casino and saw all the kids, we decided we were going to bring P with us next time. You should see the kids pool area. It's awesome! In fact, I love that you can still be spontaneous with a kid in tow.

  4. Thanks for the sweet comments :) I got some not so fun messages on FB and texts. Blah.

    We did see quite a few kids walking around, but didn't see the pool; that's fun! Bryson couldn't stop looking around at all the flashing lights and colors :)

    Thank you for the sweet comments, ladies!! :)

  5. I never thought you were terrible parents. Whoever said something needs to keep their mouth shut next time! Who cares what anyone things anyway. :)

    I love the pictures and I can't beleieve how good he is crawling. Jack is getting there, but it's taking him some time to learn what to do with his arms and legs. I'm not in any hurry to be chasing him around though! :)

  6. You are most definitely not bad parents. You are awesome! I LOVE that first picture of Bryson. I know I keep saying this, but he is just so adorable.

  7. oh and PS: I love the video. Poor Orion is like... my food... um?!? Heheh