Tuesday, August 17, 2010


I love convocation! I know a lot of districts have convocation at the beginnning of the year and it's a bust, but Plano is quite the exception.

Convocation is the one time of year that every single employee in the entire district from teachers and bus drivers to administration and janitorial staff get together for a massive pep rally and welcome the new year.
All 8,000 of us pack into Prestonwood Baptist Church and listen to a few speeches, talk about how we can further help our students succeed and even all perform a (semi) coreographed dance together. HA! I got a short clip of it with my phone. It was funnier in person :)

Also, Dr. Doug Otto, our Superintendent, gave an awesome speech about how we as learners are always changing and how we can adapt our teaching skills to accomodate their needs. He showed a video with stats about "Social Media" that was really eye opening. It's not on You Tube yet, so it's just an old fashioned link, but you won't be sorry that you spent the extra 1.5 seconds to copy and paste it. :)

I am really excited about this year, but am SO overwhelmed with everything going on at work and with Bryson starting daycare (a whole post on it's own...later. All I can say is pray, pray, pray. Poor baby is having a hard time, and so is mommy.) and a lot more things on my plate right now. But I am ready to see the sweet smiling faces of my kids in a few days!!

*gasp* A post without pictures of Bryson!?


  1. Aww, best of luck with the daycare transition - that must be so hard!

    Exciting that you're starting another year, but I'm sure it's bittersweet with the summer drawing to a close!

  2. This post kind of made me sad. I miss teaching sometimes. Did they throw out t-shirts this year? I still have the one I caught from 2006.