Sunday, August 29, 2010

8 Months

**(Ok. I typed this post out a week before Bryson's 8 month birthday on the 21st knowing full well that I wouldn't have time once school started. All I had to do was upload the pictures. Well, 2.5 weeks later, here's the post. Ha!)**

How in the world is Bryson already 8 months old!? Ahh, time is flying by too quickly.

Bryson is all over the place. All. Over. The. Place. The only time he is ever ever still is if he is sleeping. I'll set him on the floor in his room and I'll walk to the laundry room or over to our bedroom and he follows right behind on his little hands and knees talking and drooling all over the floor. :)
He stands up on everything and, in the past few weeks, has gotten brave and tries to let go with his hands and stand on his own. He'll stay for a few seconds and then fall to his bum. He likes to walk around the perimeter of his pack and play and his crib and has gotten very good and slowly lowering himself to sitting down instead of crashing down on his bum. I guess he decided falling down didn't feel too good :)
He learned how to wave with his full arm and also with his fingers...except he has it backwards. It looks like he's fanning himself. It is the cutest thing ever!!
He also says "dada" and "hi" pretty regularly. I am waiting very patiently impatiently for him to say "mama"! Can't wait!!
He also plays peekaboo with us. He looks down at the ground and then after a couple seconds, looks up with a huge grin and waits for us to say "peek a boo!" Ahh I love how interactive he's getting. He picks up on things so quickly.

He has been SO much easier at night since I went dairy free. He's slept completely through the night several times and it is wonderful! He's been teething for a while and has been waking up because of that, but once I force my way into his mouth and put Oragel on his gums, he's back asleep. Right now he has the one tooth one the bottom that he's had for a while, the tooth next to it is cutting through and then he's about to cut both of his top two teeth. Poor baby is in a lot of pain! **update since I wrote this: two of his teeth have cut through and they bother him like crazy. :(

Poor baby is also trying to get over being sick for the first time. He is miserable and I hate seeing him like this :( He has a stomach virsus and the nastiest "snotty day care runny nose" on top of teething. He snores all the time because his nose is SO stopped up. I am ready for him to feel better so he will actually get some sleep soon!
He's still a great eater. If he keeps up these eating habits, he's going to eat us out of house and home when he gets older! Along with oatmeal, fruits and veggies, and milk, he also eats puffs and sometimes crackers. Puffs are the greatest thing in his life right now. He LOVES puffs! I started giving them to him about a month ago and it was the funniest thing to watch him try to pick up a puff and put it in his mouth. It took a good 3 minutes for him to find his mouth, and that's only if it didn't dissolve in his hand first! Now, he picks them up and stick them staright in his mouth over and over and over and....

I had to go back to work this week, which means Bryson had to start daycare school this week as well :( I have been dreading this all Summer and on Monday, I had to face my fear. I feel completely confident about the place we picked and I know he is in good hands, it's just that I wish he was in my hands. Michael and I dropped him off Monday morning. We kissed him good bye, shed lots of tears (ok, maybe that was only me) and went to work. Poor baby had an absolutely awful day. It broke my heart. He cried the entire day non stop and even threw up because he had gotten so worked up. It progressively got better as the week went on, and actually really enjoyed crawling around and playing with the other babies. I can watch him on video monitors (next best thing to being there!!) on the computer and he is always on the go! He crawls all around and plays with all the fun toys. It's so cute to see him playing with other babies!
Mr. B's 1st day of "school"

We took Bryson to the water park last weekend. Michael thought it was the silliest idea to take him when he can't run through the water, but I was so excited about it! We happened to have an extra swim diaper in the car, so after lunch, we stripped him down. He wasn't sure about it at first, especially with the sun straight in his eyes, but he ended up having fun! :)

His monthly pictures are getting close to impossible to take because he wants to move all the time. He's a busy body, for sure!

Bryson, we  love you to the moon and back and are so blessed you are our son. We can't wait to see what this month holds for you! :)


  1. Him and Jude would be good buddies. Jude is all over the place, too!!

  2. Happy 8 months, sweet Bryson. I'm so sorry he has been sick. Hope he gets better very soon! Also, Presley is all over the place all the time. She. Never. Stops. Moving. I can totally relate!

  3. Happy 8 months, Bryson! I'm so glad that being dairy free has made a noticable difference for him!

  4. Happy (belated) 8 Months! Dairy-free made such an immediate and obvious difference with A too, but man I miss dairy still :) Hopefully his dairy intolerance will be short!

    He's such a little cutie! A is moving a ton also, so I feel ya on the pictures. Most of my pics of her recently are of her in motion or trapped in her playpen/asleep!

  5. Happy 8 months! I hope he feels better soon and can get some good sleep soon!