Thursday, February 19, 2009

Martha Who?

I have always been a crafty girl, and I LOVE to make things. I would rather make something myself than buy it off the shelf. (Maybe that's why I like to cook, too!) Well last month, Michael and I went shopping in Downtown McKinney and I fell in love with everything there! I found some candles that were super cute and I really wanted them, but they were pretty expensive. ($50 to be exact) I thought to myself, "Why would I buy them when I could make them way cheaper and cuter?" So I did and this is how they turned out! (Mine were $22)

I also had been looking for a tall lamp for the kitchen, but again, all the ones I liked were $90-$150 (Yes, even at Steinmart and Tuesday Morning!). That wasn't happening either, so I made my own!! All you need is a candlestick, a drill, lamp making kit, light bulb and lamp shade. This is the finished product. ($37)

I am now on a mission to find a new project. I really want to make something with tools, like a bookshelf or something, but you need too things that we don't have for that. I'm up for ideas...what should my next project be?

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  1. and you said you wouldn't know what to blog about! You are turning out to be a fabulous blogger. Way to go! and the candles are super cute and the lamp looks like something out of a fancy furniture store: very nice!