Monday, April 22, 2013


While Michael was in Boston, the kids and I stayed here, and with lots of help from his family, survived the 5 days without him. 

Steph qualified for Boston last year, way before I got pregnant (but we had planned on having baby #2 by the time of the race). The plan was that I was going to go watch her run and just take the baby with me and Michael would stay home with B. Well, since I had twins, that plan came to a screeching halt. New plan was for Michael to go to support her. But I was going to be left with all 3 kids by myself. eeek!!

As soon as Melony heard that Michael was going to be gone, she took several days off work to come stay with us. She is so so wonderful!! There's no way I would have survived without her!!

Rebecca came over on Saturday to hang out and play with the kids. Bryson loved having her here and show off soccer/baseball/basketball/hockey/football/bike skills :)
It was beautiful outside, so We walked over to the park :)

She took B down to Grandma and Papa's when she left and he stayed with them until Monday morning. It was just the girls and I for the rest of the weekend. I was nervous about how they'd do, but they were awesome!! We had lots of girl time :)

Grandma dropped off B at school Monday morning and came over to the house to stay with us for the next few days. 

It was so so nice to have her here and have an extra set of hands with the girls!! 

She got lots of baby snuggles!! :) 

Bryson LOVED having grandma here at night time. 
(talk about multitasking! )

Bryson CONSTANTLY keeps us entertained. We just laugh at him all day long!

She was originally just going to spend Monday and Tuesday with us, but since Michael was stuck in Chicago, she unpacked everything and stayed another day. I'm so thankful for her and that she came to our rescue!! We had a great few days spending time with Grandma. Especially Emily, who decided she needed to play for an hour at 5 AM one night. Grandma took her out to the living room and rocked her until she fiiiinally fell asleep. Have I told you she's amazing!?

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  1. Man, we've got to get a closer, more helpful grandparent near us!!!!! So glad you have help nearby!