Monday, April 8, 2013


We had such a fun Easter!
As soon as we got up and ready, Bryson ran to see what the Easter Bunny left for him.

He loved LOVED the basketball piggy bank! That bunny sure does know him well!!

Yeah, he totally had Jellybeans for breakfast. ;)

We took the girls to church for the first time, too! It was actually my first time to be at church in months and it was so nice! I could actually walk up the stairs without being in awful pain.

I love these littles :)

My little man

Daddy helping Bryson put on his blazer
(a rare occurance-letting us help him with clothes, especially buttons. That is his territory!)

My handsome boys!!

We spent a lot of time talking to Bryson about the real meaning of Easter this year. I read the Easter story from his toddler Bible almost every day for weeks leading up to Sunday. Bryson has such a sensitive heart; whenever I said Jesus loved us so much, he died on the cross for us, he would get so sad and tell me "NO! he didn't died! He's in heaven. Jesus is not dead!" 
We were talking about Jesus' "cave" being empty and Michael kept repeating, "He is risen!!" and I answered "He is risen indeed!!"  So as soon as we got to my parent's house, he ran in exclaiming, "He is risen!!" to every single person he saw, waiting for their response. :) I loved hearing his pure excitement!

Family picture after church! 

Ray and Alicia came over for lunch again this year. I'm kicking myself  for not getting pictures of everyone!
John and Melony came over for a while after lunch. It was fun having everyone together. Bryson was in Heaven having both sets of grandparents in the same place :)

Grandma and Mimi hid eggs for the Easter egg hunt. 

I had a killer headache all day, so after one of the girls' feedings, I was going to go lay down for a few minutes. I ended up sleeping almost 2 hours!! Oops! 

Headache and all, it was such a nice Easter and so wonderful spending time with all our family!!


  1. How adorable is he in his suit and jacket? OMG! I love it!

    And how amazing you new mamas look already! I hope I can rebound like that :)

    Happy belated Easter!

  2. The girls looked so cute in their little dresses and I just loved Bryson's blazer. It was so good to see you on Easter!!