Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Chuck E Cheese

Michael and I took Bryson to Chuck E Cheese on his 2 year birthday and Bryson had a lot of fun, but I could tell he really didn't remember much of it.

My mom suggested taking him one day a couple weeks ago and he absolutely LOVED it! Everything about it!! His favorite games were basketball, football and baseball....imagine that! He played the basket ball game about 13 times in a row. He was really good, too! ;)

Shortly after we got there, ChuckE came out and told us to follow him.

We had to do the Cupid shuffle with him and then he gave us a ton of free tickets. Bryson really got into dancing and was still singing it days later :)

He had the best best time running around playing games.

He could have cared less about all the cool toys he cashed his tickets in for, he was just thrilled that I let him get a few pieces of candy!

We went over two weeks ago and every.single.morning (even this morning!) he wakes up, puts on his Mickey slippers, jumps out of bed and announces he's ready to go to Chuck E Cheese and then tells me I need to change clothes and go get Mimi from her house ;)

Maybe we should take him back there soon!

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