Monday, July 30, 2012

Petting Zoo

Our chuch put on a little petting zoo for the Preschool kids and we were so excited to go :) I told him we were going to see the animals at church and he kept insisting that I was wrong and that "we not going to church to see animals, we going to the big zoo to see the biiig animals!" It was cute when we pulled up to the church and he saw the animals and got so excited and said, "mommy! there are YES animals at the church!" :)

We got there while they were still putting animals in the pin, so we couldn't go in right away...torture!

As soo as we went in, he fed the goat and went straight to chase and pick up the bunnies and chicks. He was SO proud that he caught the bunnies to pick them up.

Then he got a little over confident and tried to pick up the goat! haha


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