Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Greatest Show on Earth!

John and Melony took us to the circus again this year and it just never disappoints. It is SO much fun!

Bryson was BEYOND thrilled to be there. He danced so hard and so fast in his chair, he looked like he was having a seizure!

Grandma and Bryson danced to the opening "Clown Song"

I made the mistake of trying to take a picture after the show had started; there wasn't a chance in the world he was going to take his eyes off the show.

He just had the look of pure joy on his face the entire show and would scream with excitement! Grandma and Papa also bought him a really cool sword! :)

The second act was mostly the elephants, tigers and then a TON of all sorts of gymnasts and acrobats. He decided he needed to do every.single.thing. that they were doing. Arm movements, leg kicks, the Vanna White arm display, everything! I was crying, I was laughing SO hard at him. Then, the girls would jump up and "fly" while the guys held them staight above their heads. Can you guess what Bryson did? Yep. He spread out his arms, made his legs stiff as a board and flew right onto Michael's lap and waited for him to lift him up ...whch he did!! It was the FUNNIEST thing ever!!
Then, he tried to do a front roll right into his chair...whch didn't really end well ;)

It was so so much fun! Thank you for an exciting Sunday, Grandma and Papa!! :)


  1. I saw an ad for the circus the other day and I told Matt that the circus was going to be on our summer list at some point. Do you think next summer when Pearson is 2 would be good? I don't want to take him too early if he can't enjoy it, but I can't wait to take him.

    1. We went last year when Bryson was one and a half and he loved it then, too. I think next year would be really fun for him!

  2. I vote next year you video Bryson. It sounds like tons of fun! I can't wait to take Landry!