Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Fall Pictures- Attempt 1

I attempted to take some cute Fall pictures of Bryson this evening. I say "attempted" because there wasn't a chance on my life that I was going to get a picture out of him.

Mistake 1: finding a location that was close to a water fountain
Mistake 2: trying to take pictures of him at the top of a hill that led to the water
Mistake 3: sitting him near rocks, which he kept trying to throw in te water
Mistake 4: not bringing backup to keep his attention on anything but the water, rocks, and rolling down the hill

Here are a couple lucky shots I think thurned out alright

(There are only about 10 of these)

Here are a couple shots that are a true glimpse into his hyperactivity!!
(throwing rocks and pumpkins, running, rolling down the hill)

(There are about 60 of these! Oh I love this fun kid!)

Thankfully, Michael agreed to leave work a little early later this week so we can go for round 2 ;)


  1. Round 2? Are you kidding me? These are so great...I can't imagine any cuter!!!

  2. Agree with Annesta! No need for round 2; these are super cute!

  3. Love love love the last picture. His personality is shining through. I need to take some "professional like" picture of Pearson. All I seem to take are little snapshots and he's going to be a big boy before I know it.

  4. Aww, these are all cute! I actually really like some of the "hyper" ones! :-)

  5. I love everyone!!! I think you got some great shots!

  6. That last photo of him is ADORABLE!! Definitely frame worthy!