Sunday, October 16, 2011

Aggie Land

We went back to College Station for the first time in forever to meet a bunch of friends for the game against Baylor. I can't believe how much it's changed since Michael graduated in '05!

We all watched the Aggies BTHO Baylor! The BEST part about the game: being able to sit down!!! I love A&M and all, but they have a {terrible} tradition that all of the students stand up during the entire game. During the first couple months of football season, all I could think about during the game was trying to make myself not passout from the 110 degree heat and being squeezed between thousands of screaming fans. This time, we sat in The Zone and, oh my goodness, I loved it!! I actually paid attention to most of the game and it was so enjoyable!

Anyway, we had fun tailgating after the game and then went to Northgate with everyone that night. It was fun being back in College Station for the weekend and so wonderful to see friends we hadn't seen in waay too long ;)

We're excited to make this visit to College Station with everyone a tradition :) Even though next year we won't be playing Baylor and we'll be in the SEC ;)


  1. Can you believe that I haven' been back since I graduated in '07. Sad story. And I hate the standing up tradition too. I always loved when my roommates parents didn't come to the game because they would give us their tickets in the zone. Sitting down made the games much for enjoyable!!

  2. Agreed! What a fun time lady! I am really looking forward to our new annual tradition:)