Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Fall Festival

Our church puts on a fantastic Fall Fastival every year. Michael and I have always gone and worked our ABF's game station, and now that Bryson is older, we got to walk around and enjoy all the fun games as well!

Bryson LOVED it this year! We went a little early so we could be the first ones in the petting zoo beacuse the line gets super long really quickly. Bryson had a ball in there! He ran around chasing the bunnies and chickens and he found a little brush and decided they all needed a little makeover :) He was adorable with them!

He's also been trying to say trick-or-treat lately, so he was walking aound telling eveyone "tick a tee"

He also really enjoyed all the games  and getting "nany"(candy) and putting it in his bag :)

There were probably 12 different inflatables and he would stay in there all night long if we let him!

We alwas have fun watching the kids get so excited about the Fall Festival and it was even more fun this year watching Bryson laughing a squeeling with excitement!

1 Halloween celebration down, 3 more to go!!   :-)

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  1. How fun!! I feel like I don't even know what goes on at Fall FEstival because we are stuck at our booth the whole time. I can't wait to walk around and experience it with Pearson in a few years!!!