Thursday, July 29, 2010


WooWoo! I finally found the cord for the video camera, which means lots of videos for you! And by "lots", I mean 2. :)

This one is from last month. I call it: "The Next Sonic Commercial"   Ha! 
I love his sweet laugh!!

This one is from yesterday...hanging out with his car....which he loves!
Complete side note: he started cutting his first tooth yesterday, too! Big boy :)


  1. What a sweet's so contagious, isn't it?. I was laughing right along with him. Where did you get the toy that Bryson was pulling up on? I think P is going to have to have one!

  2. Oh, it's the greatest! He looves it!
    I actually found it at the big consignment sale Plano puts on. The car is called the Fisher Price Stride & Ride Walker. One of my friends found one on ebay a few days ago :)

  3. I cannot ever view your videos. Any guesses on why it won't work for me?

  4. Oh no, really? I have no idea why it won't come up. I download them to You Tube and then put them on here. Is it all You Tube videos or just mine?

  5. None of the other blogs I read have posted videos in a while. Other people can see them, so maybe it is some setting on my computer. Bummer! I really liked the early videos you put up of Bryson rolling over, etc. He's growing so much. I can't wait to go through all of this over the next year :)