Wednesday, July 7, 2010

6 Month Stats

It's been confirmed again that Mr. B is a healthy, {quickly} growing boy!

Length: 28.5 inches {97%}
Weight: 16 lbs  {25-50%}
Head: 17.25 {50%}

Daddy met us at the appointment like usual and kept him entertained while we waited for the doctor.

Bryson is wonderful and growing great. Looks like he's going to be one tall basketbal player ;)

We had a little pow wow with the doc about Bryson's "little" gas problem. It's gotten so much worse over the past month and we did nothing short of beg him for something to help his little belly.

He's extremely fussy right at bed time and it takes an hour or two to put him to bed every night. I walk around with him trying to get him to burp and toot and burp some more while he is crying his little eyes out. It breaks my heart. I know he feels like his tummy is about to explode :(

Anyway, his doctor thought it could be a case of "silent reflux." Bryson hasn't spit up since he was 1 month old {until this weekend} but there's a chance his tummy is geting upset and instead of it coming all the way up, it goes back down to further upset his tummy.
SO, we got some medicine and have our fingers crossed it will do the trick!

But, he's just the best baby in the whole wide world :)


  1. He is growing so fast. So adorable! I hope his tummy feels better soon. :)

  2. Adorable - what a tall and skinny little guy!

    Hopefully the medicine will do the trick - it's so sad when they're in pain :(

  3. Poor B I hope his little tummy feels better! He is a growing champ... cannot wait to see more pics soon!

  4. Oh no! I hope that medicine helps. Poor baby! Presley is having trouble at night, but I'm not sure what it is??