Sunday, May 26, 2013


We have had the most incredible fields of sunflowers at the beginning of Summer! They are all up and down the major highways. 
Since our "Bluebonnet" pictures bombed, I wanted to try and get a few with the sunflowers.
Bryson was excited because we've been talking about the enormous flowers and how they are taller than him and bigger than his head.

 It was really hot outside, but I thought it would be alright since we would only be out there for a few minutes. NOT.
Who am I kidding? I should just give up on getting pictures for a while! haha
The girls were NOT having it. it was hot, the sun was in their eyes no matter where we went, and well, they're just cranky. ;) Fortunately, as soon as we picked them up, they calmed down.
Bryson was running around talking to all the other families taking pictures telling them his life story (clearly we need to talk more about stranger danger with him. The kid has never met a stranger.) He could not have cared less about our pictures, he just wanted to go talk to the other kids!
A sweet man offered to snap a quick picture of our whole family right as we were scooping everything up to go back to the car.
I hope the sunflowers come back next year!! :)

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