Friday, May 24, 2013

Phone Dump Hodge Podge

I really haven't been very good about taking pictures lately, but I have quite a few piled up from the last few weeks :) Thankfully, my mom is camera happy and sends me her pics! 

He made up a song about how Daddy was at work, but he needs to come home because he's in our family. It was adorable!

He also loves to talk on the phone like "an adult" :)

Playing in the water :) 

The kid loves water!! He's so happy to be taking baths again. He only had a hand full of baths while I was pregnant because I could barely sit let alone bend over and bath him. He always took showers, which he also loves now!

 He helped me make animal waffles one morning. He is such a great helper. He wants to help everyone do anything they're doing
 Aunt Steph and Trey came over for dinner and played lots of Play Doh with B :)

Ready to go hit golf balls with Papa! He took him to the DAC and rode in a golf cart and everything. B LOVED it!! The next morning he went to the Byron Nelson with Michael and Jonathan and had sooo much fun!

 My mom and B "grew sponges" for about an hour one day. He thought it was so cool!

 We kept telling B not to push out the lens on his glasses, but he chose to do it anyway. When it finally fell out, he had to act happy about it, even though he was pretty bummed they actually broke, so he put them on his face and said, "see, these are perfect now. I can touch my eye!!" haha! yes bud, thats exactly what sun glasses are for ;)
 Going anywhere with the girls is a big ordeal. I don't have the luxury of just running to the store real quick anymore. I usually go on the long trips at night after everyone is asleep. But when I do take them out, everyone stops me to look at them and ask about them. One of my friends that has twins says she feels like a D-list celebrity and its soo trure!! :)

 Bryson has never liked mashed potatoes, so one day i put them in a fake plastic ice cream cone and now all of a sudden, he loves them! ;)

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