Saturday, June 9, 2012


What a fun weekend so far!! It has been a really great first week of Summer, but it has also been loooong. Because we started potty training this week, we have been stuck at home almost all week (except for the fun "beach party" on Wednesday) and I have been itching to do something/ get out of the house. 

My mom came over to play with Bryson while I went to the gym yesterday and then stayed for a while and hung out. It was great! She was even going to surprise Michael and mow the crazy tall grass, but we couldn't find the magic switch to turn it on. Haha! Don't worry, Michael gave me a lesson as soon as he got home.... just is case I ever got the sudden urge to mow :)  Mimi still wanted to pull it out and mow with Bryson :)

Ray and Alicia came over for dinner last night and it was SO good to catch up with them!! Bryson ran to the door and literally dragged Alicia straight into the bathroom, pulled down his pants and made himself go teetee to show off his new skills for her! It was hilarious!! He kept telling her to come look at it in the potty!!  
We always have a fun time with them:)

This morning, we played in the water hose after daddy mowed in the grass

Got a fun letter in the mail from Gigi (my grandma), which he loved!!

Took a 3 hour nap!!  yesssssssssss!! Naps are kinda rare these days, but he's apparently been exhausted this week. He's been begging to go to sleep. Can't complain there! :)

He helped me make cupcakes ;)  He is such a helper in the kitchen!!

He spilled some of the batter on his ladder and I told him we'd clean it up as soon as we put the pan in the oven. I, of course, was going to go with the paper towel route. He, of course, had different plans. He swiped it up with his toe and then ate it all up. Yuuuuuck!!! Haha

He was sad to see the batter go in the oven

But was plenty happy to eat them!!

Tonight, we went to a party with out ABF. It was so much fun! We had kids running and dancing all over the place. It was so chaotic, but so much fun :)

I love fun weekends like this!! 


  1. Raylicia (meaning both the husband and I) totally adore that little boy! I love his sweet face and I love how much he continues to grow. What a sweet helper! Anyway I love that he was so proud of his tee tee in the potty that he had to show me:) I felt super special! Anyway thanks again for a great dinner. We had a blast with you guys as always and can't wait for our next visit:)

  2. Awww, that picture of him licking the batter off his toe is priceless! So adorable!!! Aren't they so fun at this age?