Friday, November 11, 2011

Date Night/ Work Weekend

Last weekend, Michael and I had the house to ourselves for the weekend for the first time in almost 2 years!!

Bryson went to spend the weekend with Grandma and Papa and had a blast!! They went to the mall, toy store, church, and the zoo :) He loved spending so much special timewith them!!

Meanwhile...Michael and I went on a real date on Friday night! It was so fun to get dressed up, put each other first in our marriage, and go somewhere besides Olive Garden or On The Border.

Michael made reservations at Wolfgang Puck's restaurant, 560, at the top of Reunion Tower. It was SO neat! The restautant is in the "ball" of the tower and the whole restaurant spins slowly so you have a full 360* view of Dallas. We had some of THE best (and THE most expensive!!) food we've ever eaten!! Oh man, I'm still dreaming drooling over the food ;)

The romance was shortlived because we had a "work weekend" planned for the rest of the weekend. Pretty much trying to get everything on our to-do list done without Bryson in the house--all in a day in a half. We got SOO much stuff done, it was fantastic. We were both sore as can be, but it was worth it. A few things we knocked off our list: cleaning out and organizing the guest room and guest room closet, back flowerbeds, front flowerbeds, winterizing the yard, organizing my way-too-big-craft-junk, rearranging the house, buying and putting together a coffee table, and a ton of other little junk. Oh, and putting up the borders  on the mirror in our bathroom!! LOVE them! {P.S. All told, all parts and everything was $45!!!}



We were totally drained and exhausted, but honestly, I was counting down the minutes when Bryson was going to come home! I had renewed energy and strength when I opened the door and his face lit up and yelled, "Mommy!!! Hiii, Mommy!!"  I love spending alone time with my husband, but I LOVE our family time together. That's who we are now :)


  1. What a fun date night and productive weekend!!! That is awesome. Your mirror looks so great!

  2. I agree! The mirror looks great! Isnt it amazing how much you can get done without a toddler running circles around you!?! So, organizing the guest room for any particular reason??? Not trying to make room for baby #2, are we? Ok, I'm reaching here. I just need another December momma to have a baby, lol!

  3. That looks gorgeous, as do you on date night! You go, mama!

    Aren't date nights refreshing? We've finally had some date time lately, and it's been so wonderful for our relationship!

  4. Thanks!!

    And yes, Ashlie, that was the purpose of the organizing, although, just for the (nearish) future ;)