Tuesday, November 22, 2011

23 Months

Man oh man. My baby is almost 2! In someways I can't believe it AT ALL, but other ways, I feel like he's getting so big that sometimes I feel like he's older than 2 already.

I'm going to do a big post this month because I know that next month will just be super crazy with his birthday, brthday party and all the Christmas festivities. :)  I also realized this will be the opposite of most of my posts and more word heavy since I am lacking pictures. Sorry.

I feel like I have left out so many things that have been going on in Bryson-world since I haven't really done big posts in several months, so here goes:

The biggest change is definitely his increase in vocabulary and comprehension and just all around speech. He literally adds about 6 words every single day to his vocabulary, it is the most incredible thing to see and hear.
He's also been putting the ending sounds on words in the last month, which is neat. Instead of ba, he says, "baff"-(bath) and used to say ah duh and now, "all done". Same with "yes" "fith"-(fish) "wahwer"-(water).

Every single word that comes out of our mouths, will be echoed 5 seconds later by his little mouth. Its really cute to see our words come out of his mouth.

Recently, he's picked up on my "oopsie" when I do something silly, so when he drops his cup, or falls down, he blurts out, "oopie, mommy. otay"

He also needs affirmation on everything he says and wants us to repeat it. Most of the time, it's totally fine, but some sentences are still a "your guess is as good as mine" and I just smile and nod and see if he gives me any more clues as to what he's talking about. haha

I tried to take a video of B talking, but he pushed/hit the button in the middle, so it's split in 2 videos. They're super cute though. Just ignore him hitting the phone :)

I bought him some dull preschool scissors a while back because I had been doing a bunch of school stuff and he was incredibly curious about them. He was over the moon when he cut paper for the first time!! Oh man! It was so funny, the whole way to the store I was telling him that we were going to get Bryson's scissors and he would squeel with excitement and say, "yes, mommy. yidders. my!!!" We talked about how we ONLY cut paper. Our conversation went like this (for 15 minutes. No lie. He was sooo excited)
Me: What are we going to get at the store, Bryson?
B: Yidders!!!!
That's right! And what are you going to do with the scissors?
Yes you are! What are you going to cut?
YESS! Are you going to cut your fingers?
That's right, that would hurt. Are you going to cut your clothes?
NOOOOOOO!! papuuuuh!!
{that exact conversation word for word repeated over and over for 15 minutes.}

Last week, we were sitting down on the sofa with a snack and he crawled up and sat in the middle and I sat next to him and he looked at me and said, "no, mommy, yit down oder dere.." and I scooted over to the side, just for him to come cuddle in right next to my arm. ;)

When I pray at night with him, he chimes in at "an mommy, an daddy an byebuh" (what he calls himself) and then usually adds in something that's in his bed with him, like, "an ernie or papie (paci)" It melts my heart!!!

He is LOVING Christmas already and gets soo excited when we see a "missmas tee" or "waindeer" or "yights". He might just go totally crazy when we put up our Christmas stuff in a few days :)

Since he says "yes" instead of just "yah", I've been reminding him to say yes, please. He does this about half the time on his own and the other day I asked him if he wanted help putting on the lid to his cup and he said, "no peese". I giggled with excitement that he made the connection while being polite!!

He is a total monkey and mans the playground completely on his own. I'm always close by for back up, but he is such a big boy!!

He may be nearing 2years old, but he definitely hasn't hit the "terrible twos" yet. Don't get me wrong, we have had FOUR enormously huge tantums in the last 3 weeks that remind me we're heading that way, but he has such a sweet and joyful personality.
He is never short on hugs and kisses at home and loves to play and cuddle and say "I yub you too"

He tries to share everything he has with other people. He shares his milk with his stuffed Ernie, put's his paci in my mouth because it's "mommy tun" (mommy's turn). When we are with other babies, he is constantly taking toys to them and telling them to "pay" (play).

He is almost always happy and helpful around the house. It's so crazy because I think he knows when he's starting to get grumpy because he self manages himself and will go to his room and lay in bed for about 20 minutes with his paci and blankie and relax and cool off and then come back out to the kitchen totally fine and ready to play. {He's only allowed to have his paci in his bed}

Ok, I feel like I could go on and on...oh wait, I already did.
I'll stop here because I'll be back soon with posts from my birthday, Thanksgiving and his birthday party, which is next weekend! eek!!

Happy 23 months, Bryson. Mommy and Daddy love you so so much!!!


  1. Awwww! I love this stage so much, although Ava is much more immersed in the terrible twos it seems. We've had four meltdowns just today - haha!

    He looks more and more like you every time I see pics! So precious!

  2. Such a big handsome boy! Like B said, P is immersed in the terrible two's as well. However, I still love this stage. Its so fun having real conversations. Also, I adore his tie and hair in the bottom picture. Happy 23 months!!!!