Monday, April 4, 2011

One would think I gave up blogging for Lent

Ha! Indeed, I am not fasting from Blogging. It sure does seem like it though!!

Lets see if I can catch you up to speed super fast with what has been going on in the Fant house with Bryson for the last, ahem, 2 months or so...  :)

We went to Houston to Celebrate my Grandma's 83rd Birthday. We also took Bryson to a nearby park that my sisters and I used to play at when we were little :)We had so much fun visiting and seeing everyone! 
Visits are too few and far between.

Grilled with Papa

 Had his first visit to the Little Gym and LOVED it!!
He napped SO well after running around all of their fun things!

It took him all of 3 minutes to find the basketball goal hidden in the very back corner. The kid has a passion.

Watched a LOT of March Maddness with Daddy
Every time they shot the ball, he threw his hand in the air as if he was making a basket :)

Conquered the mall play place

Took his first swim for the summer.
The water was freezing cold, but he was so happy to be in the water!

Drove Papa's new bass boat
Loved on Daddy

Played with Mommy :)

Climbed straight up into the highchair.
Someone was trying to get the point across that he was reeeeally hungry!

Still loving that Basketball. Tried running on the court during the middle of an intense game with highschool boys and threw a fit straight up tantrum when I picked him up to go back to the slide. (The only time he throws tantrums are when he can't play bball with the big boys or when I make him come inside from the backyard. The boy is such an outdoorsy kid!!)

Learned to put his shoes on all by himself! Now, he does it no less than 1,923,879 times a day. Most/All of the time his shoes are on the wrong feet. haha!! :)

Drove Mommy's Car

Watched more Bball with Daddy at Grandma and Papa's house
(I LOVE these pictures of him sitting next to Michael.   Melts.My.Heart!!)

After watching Michael and I put together a treadmill, he picked up my keys and tried to unscrew all of the bolts on the playground :)

Played in the Chick-Fil-A playplace as a big boy for the first time. He went up all of the stairs and through the tunnels and down the slide all by himself!! He was SOO proud of himself, it was adorable!!

And, to add to some of his "firsts", poor baby woke up with a temp of 102 this morning. Turns out he has Strep :( His temp climbed up to 103.5 and he felt like he was hotter than fire. Even with his high temp and strep, he was still pretty much his happy perky self. He has such a high pain tolerance that it's hard to really know how bad it is sometimes. We got some medicine and loaded him up on Tylenol and praying that he gets better VERY soon!!!


  1. What a fun catch up! I love that he's naked except for his ballin' shoes while watching BB on the couch - so cute!!

    His hair is so darn adorable, by the way. I'm still trying to figure out the best way to get Asher's cut...

  2. Aww, great to see an update! Bryson is just the cutest little munchkin ever!!

    I love the pics of him with his arm up watching basketball! So adorable that he does that - what a super smart little guy!

    How does he like Little Gym? I'm taking A for a trial gymnastics class at WAYA tomorrow! Hoping she'll like it, but not sure how well she'll take directions...

  3. I love all the fun updates on B and can't believe how active he is. I seriously think he is going to either be an amazing basketball star or maybe a rock climber. He's got some talent. Poor sweetie for not feeling good but so glad he's doing better. I love the little Gym pics and knew he would LOVE it:) So glad it was so fun. Also yay for getting to visit your Houston family. I do miss their sweet faces and a big happy birthday to your sweet grandma:) She's one beautiful lady! Anyway love the updates and keep em coming. Don't want to think you took off for lent again;)

  4. What a big boy!! And so adorable! I love that he's so into basketball already. I hope it continues! And I love that he climbed into the high chair on his own. So funny!!

    I hope he feels better!