Sunday, April 10, 2011


Bryson is really getting into "coloring" these days. Watching him discover how to hold a crayon and scribble all over the page is just adoable! I can't wait to see his creativity start developing as he continues to grow. :)

Our fridge was getting pretty crowded with all the pictures he's colored at home and at school. A while back, I saw the cutest little art board at Swoozies (which has the cutest things ever!) however, I didn't want to shell out 60 bucks for the thing! So, I grabbed some supplies from Hob Lob and Office Max (for the clips) and went to work making my own board!

It was super easy! All you need is:
a board (use a 40% coupon that they have regularly, it's only $5.50!)
paint for the background
paint pen for the words (I started with a paintbrushon the octopus and then got smart and got a paintpen from the closet)
clips (I could only find ones that had suction cups attached to the back, so I bought those and then ripped them off)
screws (I had to use the absolute shortest screws we had because the board was so thin)
picture hangers (And I could only hammer the nails half way in the board for the same reason)

To make:

1. Paint
(we have baby bags coming out our ears, so why not use it as a paint plate?? haha)

2. Write

3. Screw in clips

4. Nail in Picture hangers (halfway)

5. Hang artwork and find a nice place for it in your home :)

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  1. LOVE THIS IDEA. I am so copying this :) This could also be a great way to display student work in a classroom.