Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sugar Rush

This was a weekend of firsts for Bryson.

To start off, Bryson spent his first night ever away from mommy. It was quite a heartache for me, but Bryson had so so much fun playing with Mama Mel and Papa and I had a blast at Jen's bachelorette party :)

While he was at Mama Mel and Papa's house, he had his first M&M.

On our way home from the mall on Saturday, Michael and I decided to stop and let Bryson get his first haircut. (well, it wasn't truly his first haircut. I've cut his hair several times because it is always out of control, but this was the first real haircut!)

He was also given his first lollipop to keep him still in the car.

He did awesome and just sat and looked around and even watched his first Buzz Lightyear movie.

And, he got his first fohawk with gel. Cutie!

Later that night, we went to Walmart to pick up a few things. He had been playing with a Crunch bar in the car and then took it in the store.

Michael took Bryson to look at Christmas trees and I went to get some hairspray. We reunited 2 minutes later and I noticed Bryson had chewed through the wrapper and was eating his first chocolate bar! He obviously loved it!!

He was most definitely on his first sugar high as we walked around Walmart. He squeeled and talked at the top of his lungs while standing up backwards in the cart and  waving and trying to get the attention of every single person in the store. Michael and I were dying laughing at him!He is such a mess!!

We always have so much fun spending time as a family. I wouldn't trade these sweet days for anything in the world!!


  1. Love the little faux hawk - what a cute baby haircut place! I think we have a while before A's first haha.

    Love his little chocolate face - too cute!

  2. Aw, his faux hawk is so cute! I love spiking Asher's hair. Isn't it amazing how cute they look after a 'real' haircut? I tried cutting A's hair a few times myself and was shocked at how much better it looked when I let the pros have a go at it.

    Yum, chocolate!!

  3. Sorry I'm just no commenting!! I have been out of town and trying to catch up. Bryson looks precious, precious, precious!!! He totally rocks that faux hawk!! And sadly, the last pic makes me hungry;)