Monday, May 17, 2010

A Day In The Life...

This "mommy" thing is hard work!

I've been back at work for 5 weeks now and it is just down right exhausting! I feel like I can never get enough sleep. I didn't mind it at all when I was staying home, but now that I have to stand up all day, teach my kiddos, and actually form complete sentences...I am exhausted! I feel like I have no time to do anything at all outside of work, play with B, and sleep.

Bryson was awesome at sleeping through the night for a while, but in the last 2 weeks or so, night time has been a nightmare! He has been waking up every couple of hours screaming because he needs to burp. After about an hour, he lets out a roaring burb and then passes out. Then he wakes up a couple hours later and the cycle continues, leaving mommy with 4-5 hours of sleep each night. That just doesn't cut it! This girl needs sleep!

Here's a little look inside my life right now. (Thankfully this will change in 3 weeks!!!)

4:30 Wake Up and get ready before Bryson wakes up (hopefully)

5:30 Put B in the carseat and drive to my parent's house

6:00 Get to the house and nurse B and put him down to sleep

6:45 Leave for work
7:00-3:30 Work. Spend my 2 short breaks in the day pumping. At home, Mimi is singing and playing and reading to Bryson and taking him on walks, making him laugh, and just being a wonderful Mimi! Most importantly, she's sending me pictures of him!! My favorite part of the day :)

3:45 Back to my parent's house to see Bryson and gather up all of his stuff

4:15 Go back home, fighting traffic, and run errands (only if Bryson is acting alright. He's usually asleep (or crying because he's tired) on the ride home so most of the time I just go straight to the house)

5:15 Get to the house and try to cram in a whole days worth of playing, talking, singing, teaching and reading into a couple hours.

6:00 Nurse him

6:30 Play time again! Usually in the Jump-a-roo while I pick up the house or do laundry or something. Give him Mylicon and pray he burps

7:00 Bath time- We usually get soaked from him kickin' and splashing. We all love it :)

7:20 Get ready for bed: change into jammies, read a book (if he's not too tired), nurse him and pray even harder that he burps...and he usually doesn't. Michael gets dinner ready

8:00 Lay him down sound asleep

8:05 Try to have quality time together with Michael while scarfing down dinner before Bryson inevitably wakes up screaming because he needs to burp...

8:30 Bryson inevitably wakes up screaming because he needs to burp... We tag team in and out of the room for a good hour trying everything we can think of, not short of begging him to burp.

9:30 B goes down again and Mommy goes to sleep

12:30 B wakes up screaming and more begging ensues from mommy. After a huge burp, (an hour later) we both go back to sleep.

Sometimes he wakes up again :( and we wait for the burp again...

Then, at 4:30am, we start all over again.

It might not seem so bad on paper blog, but it's quite exhausting.

I think there's a light at the end of the tunnel though. The past 3 nights have been back to normal. He falls asleep and stays aleep until 5:30 when I put him in the carseat to go to Mimi's. :)

BUT, I honestly wouldn't trade it for anything in the world because I love that little boy more than anything and love trumps exhaustion! :) Plus, in the middle of the night, after his big burp, he immediately falls aslep and cuddles up on me just like when he was a baby. I love it. I sit and rock him and love him and pray over him and enjoy that sweet time with him.


  1. Girl, I don't know how you do it! I'm exhausted just reading about it!! S-U-P-E-R-M-O-M.....that's all I can say!!

  2. You truly are amazing girl! I get grumpy with 7-8 hours of sleep! You rock at the mommy biz... but I always knew you would;)