Sunday, December 4, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday {Party}

Fant Airlines: Departing 12-3-11

Bryson's birthday party was so so much fun this year. Having all of our family and friends and little kids there made it special, but it was so neat that Bryson actually understood what was going on this year. He was so excited for his party. We have been preparing him for it for the last month and it was great! He knew what to do with the candles because of the iBirthday app, and he sings the birthday song everytime we see any kind of candle or cake.

I had planned on going with a SesameStreet theme for his party because he loves Ernie, but I pul;ed a switch-a-roo at the last minute and just continued on with our Halloween theme-- Airplanes, which he also loves :)

I went super low key this year and spent next to nothing on decorations and such. Food is a different story, but all in all a very cheap party ;) Although, I'm definitely going with a prepackaged party set next year! haha! I had no idea there is NOTHING with airplanes at stores. There are military jets all over the place but no I had to make everything. It was fun though :)

Before we get to the star of the show, here are a couple decorations:

Invitations were like a boarding pass

Couple things around the house

Picture op spot :)

Party favors along with a homemade luggage tag (before I put the strap on)

And on to the party!! We had a great tournout and were thrilled that almost all of both sides of the family could make it!! We had so many special friends come and several kids and babies :)

At one point, he grabbed a bag of gumies and just took a chill in the middle of the kitchen floor while everyone what standing around talking!
Michael said the caption of this picture should be "It's my party, I can do what I want." haha

He was such a champ during the entire party!! He was Mr. Social Bug and talked and played with everyone. He never got grumpy and loved opening all of his presents! He wanted to stop and play with several of them, but as soon as I gave him another one and said we'd play with all of them later, he was great and kept unwrapping. He was such a little gentleman and tried to thank everyone by name after the present. Although sometimes, it sounded more like, "Tank too ah di di di do" than their name ;) He is such a blessed little man. He was showered with love and lots of fun toys!!

Michael's Mammaw and Pop gave Bryson the cowboy hat and little wooden gun (just decoration) and I thought it was just the cutest thing...and then I found out that Pop made it 40 years ago!! It is something that will be so special for Bryson as he gets older. :)

He also got a bike from Mimi and Papa that I have been unpatiently waiting for him to open! I saw it online over the Summer and have been researching and reading about it for a while and have been SO excited for him to ride it!! It's called a Strider Bike and it's SO neat!! Bryson picked it up super fast and rode it around our house for over an hour the night of his paty! He's turning circles, backed himself our of a corner and is getting great at balancing. They aren't sold in the U.S., but apparently the streets are littered with kids on them all over Europe. I would totally suggest it! :) {Sorry for the little plug, I am seriously so excited for him to have this bike!}

And, on to cake! He was thrilled to have everyone sing Happy Birthday to him!! He had the biggest, sweetest grin on his face.

He may or may not have drooled all over the cake while blowing out candles. eek!

Yummy cake!!

Bryson and Piper had a blast opening all of his presents and stocking his new tool bench full of tools. Bryson loves playing with his sweet cousin and wanted to do every little thing that she did! It was adorable!

After everyone left, B played with almost all of his new presents, rode his bike around the house forever and then our family crashed. This is how you would have found all three of us Saturday night :)

I really can't believe Bryson just had his 2nd Birthday Party!! Time is flying by so quickly and he is growing up into a little man. I'm so proud of him and so proud that he is our son. We love him so much and thank the Lord for him daily. I can;t wait to see what this next year holds for him!

Happy Birthday, Bryson!!!

Also, thank you mom, dad, and jen for taking pictures!! Between the three of them there are over a thousand picyres of this kid's party!! haha! I'm not even sure we have a thousand pictures of our wedding!! :)


  1. Happy 2nd birthday party, Bryson!!! You did a fabulous job, Mama! I love the baggage claim idea and the jet fuel and the picture spot... And pretty much everything, lol! That bike looks awesome. Presley would have flipped over it. I can't believe our babies are having their 2nd birthday parties, wow!

  2. I love it!! What a fun party. I love what you did with it. The jet fuel, boarding pass invites, luggage tag favors...all so great! What a lucky boy he is. :) Happy (early) Birthday, Bryson!