Sunday, September 12, 2010

FedEx Fairy

The FedEx Fairy came by last week and delivered a huge surprise.

TWO 32'' flat screen TVs along with a couple of smaller boxes.

I could find many good places for them in our home.

Pretty Sweet!

The only problems is...

They aren't ours!!

My mom was watching Bryson at our house last week and the FedEx guy came with a delivery. She signed the paper without thinking anything of it, assuming that we had ordered something. She left the door open, he delivered the boxes and then left. Apparently he's not fantastic at matching numbers because he delivered them to the wrong address! I can only imagine how furious the buyers must be. Two TVs aren't exactly something that slips your mind. Michael tried to go to address on the boxes and no one was home.  Guess that means they're ours, right!? I kid, I kid. :)

We'll be calling FedEx first thing in the morning.
It's kind of  fun just looking at them until then :)


  1. I hope the fedex guy doesn't lose his job!!

  2. That's what I said!
    It's not like we have a pair of shoes someone ordered. TVs are a pretty big deal. I sure don't want that guy delivering my stuff in the future...

  3. ha..ha..I wish! That is too funny, what a mix up, at least ya'll are being honest about it and calling FEDEX. Your little one is so cute! We have a 6 month old in our house and he's a joy :) Growing up so fast though!